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 Hello Everyone, My name is Megan. From as early as I can remember, my two greatest passions have always been books and flowers. I would spend countless hours engrossed in stories, journeying through the compelling narratives and intriguing characters crafted by authors. Simultaneously, I found a unique joy and tranquility in flowers, their vibrant colors and delicate fragility resonating a profound beauty that would captivate me for hours.

One day, I was immersed in the pages of a particularly enchanting novel, a fresh bouquet of tulips beside me. As the sweet fragrance of the tulips mixed with the aroma of the book's crisp pages, a thought occurred: books and flowers, though seemingly different, hold a unique power to captivate and inspire. I began to imagine how beautiful it would be to create a bridge between these two worlds.

That's when the idea of NovelVases emerged—a unique combination of a book and a vase, an embodiment of my two loves. I was excited about the prospect and couldn't wait to bring this idea to life.

I began sketching designs and experimenting with materials, eventually landing on modern, durable acrylic for the book vases. I loved how it mirrored a book's aesthetic while providing a sturdy vessel for flowers.

The creation of the first NovelVase was a labor of love. Meticulously crafted in the shape of a book and tailored to reflect its unique theme, it was more than a vase—it was a symbol of a story coming alive, a piece of art.

As a book lover, I understood readers' profound connection to their favorite stories. That's why I decided to offer custom orders, allowing others to transform their beloved books, series, or slogans into tangible, decorative pieces.

Today, at NovelVases, we're not just crafting vases. We're creating a unique storytelling medium, allowing literature and nature to intertwine most beautifully. Each vase is not just a home for flowers but a celebration of stories, personal journeys, and the joy of reading. For every book lover and flower enthusiast, NovelVases is a love letter from us to you.


Megan G

LaVieLente Team